Reddy Pakala, President    


I hope you are enjoying your retirement. I retired from the County of Ventura in October 2014 from the Water and Sanitation Department, Public Works Agency. I signed up to join REAVC as part of my retirement application process. It was the perfect time to join. I also signed up to receive my REAVC newsletters by email, which reduces publishing and mailing costs for the Association and its members. I have been a REAVC Board member for more than three years.  

I would like to thank outgoing President, Nancy Settle, for nominating me to be next year’s President, and all other Board members for supporting my nomination. During Nancy’s  tenure, she organized committees, steered us though a highly successful CRCEA conference, as well as a COVID pandemic, while streamlining the operations of REAVC to make it more efficient.   We all thank Nancy for her dedicated service to REAVC.

I am looking forward to serving as President this coming year. It takes a great deal of effort from a lot of volunteers, including Board members, to make this work. This includes arranging for luncheons, managing the scholarship program, writing and publishing our newsletters, managing the REAVC website, informing REAVC members of Ventura County Employee Retirement Association (VCERA) Board meeting updates, and representing our interests at the State and local levels.

Any of you who are interested in volunteering or serving as a Board member, please let any of our current Board member know. You may also leave a telephone message for us at (805) 644-7814, or write an email and send it to  info@reavc.org. You can also visit our website at reavc.org. There you will find links to past newsletters, minutes of Board meetings, and information about upcoming events posted on the website. If you have questions, please feel free to contact any REAVC officer or board member. 


REAVC CALENDAR FOR 2022 – Every plan is made to be changed but failure to plan is to plan to fail. HUH? Anyway our current calendar for 2022 can be found by clicking here. CLICKhttps://reavc.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/2022-REAVC-Calendar-1.pdf HERE!!   Just remember, the calendar is subject to change despite our best efforts.