See’s Candies – Gift Cards

As you probably know, See’s Candy no longer offers gift certificates. If you still have certificates, they are still good, but don’t wait until they turn yellow with age to redeem them. 

REAVC is selling $25 See’s CANDIES gift cards at a cost to members of $21 each. The gift cards do not expire either are relatively easy to mail or use as holiday gifts.

You can place an order for gift cards:

  1. Via the postal service at REAVC P.O. Box 7231, Ventura CA 93006
  2. By ordering over the phone at 805-644-7814
  3. Or when it is safe and we can have luncheons again, visit our See’s CANDIES table at the luncheons – usually set up in some convenient location – like behind the potted plants.

Remember, if you order by mail, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Include extra postage for mailing large orders (three or move gift cards). If you order over the phone, you need to add the current cost of postage to your check for payment.

Butch Britt/.