What is REAVC?
REAVC was founded in 1984 as an advocacy and social group for retired employees of the County of Ventura, special districts under the direction of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, and special districts participating in the Ventura County Employees Retirement Association.

What is the difference between REAVC and VCERA?
The Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association (VCERA) is the county retirement office, and is made up of the Board of Retirement and staff. In general, they process retirement applications, issue monthly retirement checks, and manage the retirement fund.

Is REAVC a union?
No, not in the same way that a County employee organization is. We cannot, by State law, collectively bargain (negotiate) with the County for our benefits, as an employee organization can. That is a “give and take” process, and we don’t have much that we would, or could give, anyway! We are the recognized representative for retirees before the Board of Supervisors and the Board of Retirement. We regularly meet with County officials regarding retiree benefits, and attempt to persuade them to take actions that benefit our membership. Retirees have an elected representative and an elected alternate representative on the County Retirement Board.

Does REAVC deal with pension check issues?
Yes, but only in a general way. For example, in 1997 the State Supreme Court ruled that more than thirty supplemental pay items were to be included in employees’ base for the purpose of computing retirement check amounts. Members of the REAVC Board assisted the County and Retirement Office staff in implementing that decision. We fielded more than one thousand phone calls from retirees explaining how they would be affected.REAVC does not process the retirement checks, nor does it maintain the retiree’s information related to the retiree’s retirement check. If your check is missing, incorrectly calculated, or you are changing deductions, beneficiaries, or banks for automatic deposit, just to name a few common check issues, you need to talk to VCERA (the retirement office) at 805-339-4250.

Does REAVC deal with medical insurance issues?
Neither REAVC nor VCERA administer the various medical plans offered to County of Ventura retirees. The plans are administered by employees in the Human Resources Department. If you have questions about your medical insurance coverage, or are having problems related to your health care plan, please contact the Retiree Health Benefits Program Coordinator at 805-662-6791.

How do I join REAVC?
You can obtain information about becoming a member by going to the Membership Page on this website. Membership applications can also be requested by calling us at (805) 644-7814, or by calling the Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association Office at (805) 339-4250.